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Your rights:

You have the right NOT to be a victim of corruption. Everyone has the same right to be served fairly and without being discriminated against.

Someone who participates in corruption or pays a bribe should not be served before you, and should not receive more services or better quality services than you.

Abiud Naganene, a 55 year old Constable at the Windhoek City Police were arrested yesterday by Authorized Officers of the Directorate of Investigations of the ACC in regard to alleged corruption. The allegations against him stems from his alleged involvement in utilising the identity of one of his children, who is a beneficiary on his medical aid, in order to claim for and receive medical benefits for a child of his sister. The child subsequently passed away and the corruption was discovered as he, could not allow the living child to be registered as deceased whilst he was still alive. Medical benefits were allegedly obtained in excess of N$1,902,930-84 (one million nine hundred and two thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars and eighty four cents) which his sister would have been responsible for paying out of her own pocket in lieu of a medical aid fund. Various hospital documentation and other medical institutions were allegedly supplied with admission forms that allegedly contained falsifications in respect of the real identity of the patient. He was charged with contravening section 35(3) of the Anti-Corruption Act (knowingly uses a document that contains a falsification in order to mislead) and fraud. The accused appeared before a Windhoek Magistrate on the 3rd of October 2018 and bail was set at N$ 15000.00. The case was remanded to the 6th of December 2018 for further investigation.

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Ministry of Finance Official ( formerly from PSEMAS section), arrested along with a Namibian female to whom he allegedly supplied a PSEMAS card which she utilised with various doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, whilst she was never in service of the Government. More information will be made available after they appear in court. Investigation expected to widen.

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